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The Population Factor, Population issues in the global society

vrijdag 05 november 2010
Bilthoven, RIVM


In present-day society, population issues are increasingly important and underlie major societal developments at the global level. Population growth in the South, and population decline in the North provide challenges for societies regarding housing, schooling, provision of health care services and sustainability. For example, in European regions, current discussions focus on how to deal with the ageing and declining population and its consequences for health services and social welfare. In the South, discussions focus on how to provide good quality health care for all, given the continuing population growth which also creates opportunities like the ‘population dividend’ and the ‘demographic window of opportunity’.

The conference aims at bringing together international demographic experts to discuss these global –intersecting- population issues worldwide, in both the industrialized and developing context.

The speakers

Dirk van de Kaa, Founding Director Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI). Prof. Van de Kaa is emeritus professor Demography of the University of Amsterdam and an internationally reputed population expert. Besides his well-known work on the second demographic transition in Europe, he has been highly involved in the demography of developing countries.

Len Cook, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Len Cook works at the Institute of Policy Studies of the Victoria University and is former head of the United Kingdom Office for National Statistics (2000-2005) and Government Statistician of New Zealand (1992-2000). He has contributed to policy debates on a range of topics, including population trends, aging populations and retirement provisions.

Sabu Padmadas, University of Southampton, United Kingdom. Dr. Sabu Padmadas has been involved in research on reproductive health and family planning in both India and China. He holds a PhD. in Demography from the University of Groningen. His research interests include population projections, population health policies and epidemiology.

Leiwen Jiang, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, USA. The portfolio of dr. Leiwen Jiang involves work on improving the demographic components of integrated climate assessment models and exploring the broader environmental implications of demographic dynamics. He holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences (specialization Demography) from the University of Amsterdam (1999) and since has been working in the USA, Austria and China.

Anke Niehof, Wageningen University & Research Centre. Prof. Anke Niehof is a sociologist with a background in Demography and Anthropology. Her research topics include food and livelihood security and issues of household and family care.

Inge Hutter, Professor of Demography, Director Population Research Centre, University of Groningen.

Leo van Wissen, Professor of Economic Demography University of Groningen; director NIDI as of 1 November 2010.