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Dutch Demography Day 2012

Tuesday 20 November 2012
Academiegebouw, Utrecht


On Tuesday 20 November 2012 the Netherlands Demographic Society (NVD) will host the fifth Dutch Demography Day. Demographers and researchers from other disciplines will have the opportunity to present their current research.

The day will start with a plenary session on the “battle for talent”: knowledge migration and migration of highly skilled migrants in an era of labour market shortages. More information will follow soon. The plenary meeting will be followed by three rounds of parallel sessions with presentations on various topics.

Master thesis award

During the Dutch Demography Day, a master thesis award of €500 will be awarded by the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI). Students who have finished their master thesis within the last two years are eligible for this price. You can submit your thesis until 7 September by sending it to One of the parallel sessions will include a poster session in which participating students can present a poster on their thesis.   Participation on the Master thesis award is accepted only once.

Key note speakers Dutch Demography Day 2012

The first keynote will be given by Maarten Vleugel, senior policy analyst at INDIAC. He will talk about the Dutch perspective on the 'battle for talent”: knowledge migration and migration of highly skilled migrants in an era of labour market shortages'. His presentation will address the question as to whether migration to the Netherlands fosters the Dutch knowledge economy and is based on policy evaluations carried out by INDIAC on the Dutch policy for highly educated migrants (2011) and the Monitors of the policy for knowledge migrants (2005, 2008).

 The second keynote will be given by Jeroen Doomernik, lecturer in political science and researcher at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR) and the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) of the University of Amsterdam. His main research interest is the interactions between international migration processes and migration policies. This keynote is devoted to the ambition many governments of advanced industrialized nations share: to attract highly skilled migrants. To compete with each other for their brains, governments devise smart immigration policies. Aside from providing insight in the nature of these policies (as seen in traditional immigration countries and more ambivalent ones like the Netherlands or Germany) it is asked whether it really are those precise policies that are the main determinant for successfully attracting foreign brains.


The Dutch Demography Day will be held in the Academy building of the University of Utrecht. Registration is due before 19 October 2012 For more information please consult the NVD website, or contact us, e-mail: or by phone: 070 3565 267 (Paulien Hagedoorn).

You are very welcome to join the LinkedIn group 'Dutch Demography' and the 'Demografie 2012' group at Facebook.


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The organizing committee of the Dutch Demography day 2012,

Auke Vlonk

Nienke Hornstra

Pascal Beckers

Paulien Hagedoorn

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Organisation committee: 
Auke Vlonk, Nienke Hornstra, Pascal Beckers, Paulien Hagedoorn, Wike Been