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Evolutionary Demography Society 2015 Annual Meeting

5-7 October 2015

CongresCentrum de Werelt, Lunteren, The Netherlands

EvoDemoS 2015 seeks to bring together researchers interested in all aspects of the interface between evolution and demography. This includes the evolution of demographic and life history traits, and the influence of demographic characteristics on the process of evolution. Theoretical, experimental, and field approaches are welcome, as are studies of plants, animals, and humans. Members of the Evolutionary Demography Society include human demographers, population biologists, anthropologists, ecologists, evolutionary biologists, biomedical scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians.

Abstract submission deadline 15 July 2015.

Call for papers is at: http://www.evodemos.org/meetings.htm

Online registration is at: http://www.aanmelder.nl/eds2015/subscribe

Information on the location is at: http://www.congrescentrum.com/en/