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Short course on Introduction to Agent-Based Computational Modelling in Population Studies (June 1-2, 2015)

We are pleased to announce a short course on 

Introduction to Agent-Based Computational Modelling in Population Studies 

on June 1-5, 2015, organized by the research unit Family and Population Studies (FaPOS), Center for Sociological Research at KU Leuven and the Scientific Research Network Historical Demography (FWO - Flanders). This workshop is jointly organized with the Interuniversity Institute for Biostatistics and Statistical Bioinformatics (I-BioStat), Center for Statistics CenStat, University of Hasselt, and Leuven Biostatistics and Statistical Bioinformatics Centre (L-BioStat).

The course will target PhD students who would like to use agent-based modelling in their own research.

The main goals of this workshop are as follows:

  1. To introduce participants to ABC in population studies;
  2. To provide them with theoretical background on ABC modelling and to provide them with an understanding of its benefits and uses;
  3. To make them acquainted with the most important concepts and tools in developing agent-based models;
  4. To introduce participants to NetLogo as a platform for designing their own agent-based models.

The course will consist of five full days, each with a morning and an afternoon session. Sessions are based on lectures by guest lecturers, and hands-on computer practicums by the main instructor. 

We set at maximum 15 participants to provide room for discussion.  

Those who are interested in participating should apply with the following documents to the course coordinator (Hideko.Matsuo@soc.kuleuven.be):

  1. Biographical information;
  2. For PhD candidates, a statement of support from their supervisor;
  3. One-page mini-proposal.                           

The early bird application deadline is February 20 2015; feedback about acceptance will be send out by March 15 2015.

The regular application deadline is April 1 2015; feedback about acceptance will be send out by April 15 2015.

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