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NVD-HAPS-NIDI study afternoon Living environment and health

zondag 12 januari 2014
Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), Den Haag


The environment in which people live may have a  significant impact on their health. There is much knowledge on how to improve people’s health through individual prevention activities. Only recently the notion that people’s living environment can exert influence on people’s health has become popular. Study of the impact of the environment on health provides a more comprehensive perspective of health determinants. This can give us new insights how to improve health further.

This study afternoon on living environment and health aims to link research and practice. In the first session scientific approaches to understand the relationship between health and the living environment are presented. The second session attempts to link research and practice: empirical and practical evidence how improvements of the living environment can contribute to health improvements are shown.

The Dutch Demographic Society (NVD) organizes this study afternoon together with Healthy Ageing, Population and Society (HAPS) and the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI).

HAPS is a collaboration between the departments of demography, epidemiology and sociology at the University of Groningen. Its mission is to enhance healthy ageing in society by studying the societal aspects of the process of healthy ageing, over the life course, focusing on the interactions between the three societal levels: macro, meso, micro. HAPS is multidisciplinary in nature and combines the individual approach of epidemiology with the macro-population and socio-cultural approach of (social) demography and the institutional and network approaches of sociology.

The flyer, including the programme, can be found under Downloads on this webpage.

The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) kindly hosts this study afternoon. For registration please send an email to: aar@nidi.nl (Jeannette van der Aar).


Eva Kibele, Bart Klijs, Lea Ellwardt (HAPS) and Joop de Beer