Dutch Demography Day 2018

On 28 November 2018 heeft de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Demografie (NVD) de 11e Nederlandse Demografiedag georganiseerd. Dit congres vond plaats in het Academiegebouw van de Universiteit van Utrecht (Domplein). De plenaire sessie werd geopend met een keynote speech van Prof. Dr. Jan Kok (Radboud University, Nijmegen), entitled “Something Old, Something New: Life Courses in Historical Demography using the Historical Sample of the Netherlands (HSN)”. During the day demographers and researchers from several disciplines presented their research in three rounds of parallel sessions and one poster session. The 2018 NVD Poster Award was won by Ilya Kashnitsky (Centre on Population Dynamics, CPop) for his poster “Regional Population Structures at a Glance”. Summaries of the presentations and posters can be found in the Book of Abstracts.

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