Dutch Demography Day 2022

[English only]

On Wednesday 16 November, the Netherlands Demographic Society (NVD) organised the 15th edition of the Dutch Demography Day, in the Academy Building of Utrecht University. Demographers and researchers from various other disciplines presented their research in 11 parallel sessions and a poster session. In addition, there was a workshop on “The formal demography of kinship networks” in the morning.

The keynote address was given by prof. dr. Tesseltje de Lange. The title of her speech was “Merchants, Ministers, and Fearmongers: Perspectives on Labour Migration in Times of Crisis“.

We thank the organising committee for their hard work! Janique Kroese, Joeke Kuyvenhoven, Anne Brons, Jornt Mandemakers, Willem Vermeulen and Roselinde van der Wiel (chair)

Save the date for next year’s Dutch Demography Day on Monday 4 December!

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